The Real Husband List!

This book was inspired by all of my trips to Heaven back when Jesus showed me how to pray for my husband. God told me to write all the things He showed me concerning praying for my husband down and here they are within this book.
The REAL Husband List is a book that every woman planning to get married one day should read… It will aid women who want to ensure that they are seeking the qualities that God values most in a Husband. Married already? This is still for you! It’s so important that as wives we continually lift our men up in prayer. As the leaders of our homes, we need to ensure that each day, they are prayed up and equipped to handle the role that God has designed for them.
After all of my supernatural experiences encountered on my God lead journey to Marriage, I’m sharing within this book, 30 nuggets of wisdom given to me by God during my trips to Heaven.
These 30 nuggets of wisdom provide for the REAL Husband List that every woman needs to know what it is that we should really be looking for in a man.
I released this book as a surprise to Mr B at my 30th birthday party – because he has essentially been the best husband in the world. Helping and moulding and shaping me into the woman I am now. There is so much power in the prayers of a praying wife and when she’s praying for her man… he ends up leading her closer to God… and that’s the aim of marriage – for you both to be leading each other closer to a life that glorifies God in Heaven.
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God Made Sex And He Saw That It Was Good!!! Exploring God’s Gift of Sex in Marriage

This books gets down to the nitty gritty about sex and its role in our lives as Christians.
What’s acceptable?
What’s not?
What does God really think about these things?
And how are we supposed to act towards them?
From pornography and masturbation… To soul ties and spirit husbands … To the realities of losing your virginity… To keeping SEX a key aspect of your married life… The book covers it all!
I pray it will be a blessing to you just as God has blessed me through writing it.

You can read an extract from the book which has been featured in one of my blog posts here.

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Papas Little Girls was launched on my 25th birthday and was a project that was so dear to my heart. It’s a collection of short stories and poems that tell the stories of women of different ages, their hopes, dreams, fears and most importantly their faith.


Four year old Raleekah knows too much about how to be sexy…
• Newly- Wed Yemi, has the mother in law from HELL – plus a spineless husband to deal with…
• School girl Funmi has to do whatever it takes to make sure she succeeds…
• Army- wife Kemefu’s only dream is to escape her husband’s fists – but can she leave her boys? …
• Book- worm Janniah, would be worth a fortune in the sex trade…
• Church- going Rhea, is spiritually bound to the demon of her first love…
• Wealthy Danielle’s hatred towards her father pushes her to the limit…
• Beautiful Sukarah suffers from her older sister’s desire to meet the man she’s been waiting for…
• Teenage house girl, Amina, is pregnant and her boyfriend needs to know…
• Prostitute Serai , can’t rely on her fiancée anymore …
• …And Papa has a message for all of His little girls…

Papa’s LITTLE Girls peers beneath the surface of lives that are so often endured by women of all ages throughout the world. Each story highlights the issues that have become regarded as so common place that they simply blend in and are accepted as normalcy. What can anyone offer to those who live such lives but, faith, hope and love…

It’s available at Waterstones, Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and on Kindle. Feel free to read an extract from the book and you can purchase your copy, all in the link below:
Or order your PDF ebook copy today via the link:


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