Mrs B is, as she puts it: ‘Wife to the most AMAZING man in the world! And mother to the most adorable little Prince!’


She’s a loving Sister, Daughter and Friend to Beautiful people.
Teacher and Youth Mentor to great young minds.

She holds a first degree in English Literature and a Masters degree in Professional and Creative Writing. She also holds a post graduate diploma in Theology, specialising in the development of youth and their relationship with Christ.

Lola is currently studying for her post graduate diploma in Marriage counselling.

She is an English Lecturer as well as successfully running her own businesses (Praise God) and she loves to empower others.
Lola is an avid Lover of Popcorn, Tea and Creative Writing.
She is the Author of ‘Papa’s Little Girls’ (Available now on Amazon) and ‘God Made Sex & He Saw That it Was Good: Exploring God’s Gift of Sex in Marriage’. (Email  info@mrsbusari.com to order your copy)
Lola is in love with God’s gift of LOVE and the Beauty of His true intent for Marriage.

Marriage is her ministry.
Her husband is her King.
God is her King of Kings.
Jesus is her superhero!


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