Book of Acts Joint Bible Plan! Let’s Go!

Bonjour Lovelies!!!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! It may look like I’ve got it all together … but the truth is… I Don’t! I took this picture on Sunday after church thinking about the week ahead and the one million and ten things that are on my todo list and how it’s going to take the Grace of God to get me through the week!

And that’s life! It’s so easy for us to get lost in everything that we think is important when the truth is that the most important thing is Christ and who we are in Him and what we do with our lives to project Him to the World and how we Glorify Him.

So right now… I am SO READY to get into this Bible Reading plan and take it back to what it means to be on fire for God… No complacency … No distractions… No worrying about To Do Lists for now! Just taking this time to focus on Him! And letting Him have His way and taking complete control over everything … just like how the first disciples of Christ did in the book of Acts.

This first day of May is a blessing. It’s a new month … a new beginning … a new opportunity to seek His face and to feel strengthened and renewed Spiritually.

I remember this time last year… 1st May 2017… I reopened my “prayer closet/war room” and asked God for a miracle … well today… that miracle is my bouncing baby boy Joshua. I’ll be sharing the testimony of his conception and his birth soon… but it just goes to show that when we actively engage God faithfully – He will do the same with us.

So who’s ready to actively and faithfully engage God Today?!

Click on the link below to join the reading plan and please share with anyone who you feel needs to get their Act together (see what I did there? Lol!)

Would you read the Bible plan, Acts Reading Guide, with me?

You’ll need to download the You Version Bible App… Once you’ve joined … try your hardest to keep up with the plan by reading a chapter a day – but don’t worry if you get behind at any point – you can always catch up when you can.

Please also share your comments and thoughts and any prayer points in the group that the plan provides for discussion.

It’ll be great to encourage each other on this journey.

Excited to be doing this with all of you guys. Honestly! God bless you!

Let’s Go!!!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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