Getting my ACT together … On Fire for God

Bonjour lovelies! Happy ThinkFast Tuesday!

Hope you’re all well.

This past weekend has been quite a defining one for me.

Various things occurred over Saturday and Sunday that made me realise that I need to get my act together and get back to having a heart on fire for God!

I had remembered how I would really seek Him and crave Him … and over time… once prayers have been answered and blessings have been poured out… it’s kind of easy to slowly slip away … because you feel like you don’t need Him as much in your life anymore…

May God forgive me for ever feeling like that – and the truth is … we can never come to a place where we don’t need God.

I felt SO convicted. Yes I pray … and yes I read my Bible… and I do Think Fast Tuesdays… But sometimes it feels like those are just activities … and it takes more than just being complacent in my walk with Christ. I need that Holy Ghost Fire lol!!

Not because I have a list of 100 prayer requests lol … but just because I want to be in a place where I feel and know that I just love being in His presence all the time … and I just want to delve into His Word again like I used to.

On Sunday night, after I came to the realisation that I need to get back on track… I picked up my Bible … my beloved Bible that I’ve been using for 11 years straight now… and flicked through the pages looking for what to read.

As I sifted through the pages … I saw SO MANY scriptures where I had scribbled Mr B’s name by lol! I was PROPER on fire back then! Praying for his salvation and for us to get married and for all the things that God had shown me to come to pass.

Praise God for His victories and faithfulness – because that’s the life I live today… and there’s something so uniquely edifying and energising about delving deep into His Word and applying it to your life and just getting to know Him more on a deeper level through it.

So I’ll be starting with the book of Acts. On Tuesday 1st May… exactly 7 days from now… I’ll be reading “The Book of Acts Bible Plan on You Version.

I chose the book of Acts because that’s when the first disciples and believers of Christ were so on FIRE for Him.

Sometimes we just need to strip back the “church activity” and other “works” that can actually become distractions in our lives – and just focus on Him and on His Word.

Stay tuned and on Monday night I’ll be posting the link on the blog for those who want to take part in the reading plan.

You’ll need to download the YouVersion Bible app but I’m so ready and it will be fun reconnecting to His Word on a deeper level as a group – so we can be accountable to each other also.

Also feel free to leave comments and let’s get a discussion going. What does going deeper in Christ mean to you?

So excited I Can’t wait!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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