He Is Faithful

Prince Joshua’s dedication will always be a profound reminder of the truth of God’s promises….

When God promises you something at age 18 and you see it come to pass over 10 years later…

Staying faithful to Him isn’t always easy but He is our constant strength and help.

In a world where instant gratification has become the norm… sometimes we need to remember that His timing is not our own – there are certain things that are worth The Wait – it can be challenging but it’s ALWAYS far better and much more rewarding.

His eternal Word will always be a source of strength … we just need to consume it, believe it and stand upon it. Hold on firm to what God has told you and forsake all other counterfeits.

If there’s anything you’re waiting on God for, feel free to share below and let us know what you do to keep going during these moments of waiting. Let’s pray for and encourage each other.

#HeIsFaithful 🙏🏾

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


2 thoughts on “He Is Faithful

  1. Abi S says:

    Your story and testimonies are very inspiring and I want to congratulate you and give thanks for all God has done in your life.
    I identify with you as I am currently waiting on the Lord to fulfill his promises in my life in the area of marriage and reading your story just helps to increase my faith. I have had a lot of confirmations of marriage and family in my dreams from 2012 and continue to hold on to the father that he is faithful and not a liar.



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