Acting in Faith…

Bonjour lovelies,

Hope you’re all well.

So today’s Good Friday and each time I remember what Christ did for us this day over 2000 years ago… it’s a constant reminder of the ultimate act of faith.

He knew God’s plan was to raise Him from the dead on Easter Sunday … but also remember … whilst He was on Earth, Christ only knew whatever God allowed Him to know…

So…. technically … there was no 100% certainty on Jesus’ part that it would all go according to plan – remember He even asked God to take this cup away from Him.


Praise God that Christ had the faith to still do it. To go one step further than the faith Abraham showed by not just being willing to sacrifice his son (because Christ didn’t have children lol)… but HIMSELF! There was no ram caught by its horns in the bush on the way to Calvary… Christ WAS the ram!

Thank you Jesus for Your sacrifice that we may have life!

And in honour of that, as Christian we should feel not only encouraged – but also see it as our responsibility to operate in faith also.

Whether it’s you buying your wedding dress in faith before the guy has even proposed and you have no idea when this marriage is going to happen … or buying yourself a “congratulations” card before you’ve even passed your driving test… or buying baby clothes for those children you’re believing God is going to give you… just do it.

Whatever it is you’re trusting God for… commit it to Him in prayer and act in faith.

I shared on Instagram yesterday how I took my sons to Oxford University earlier this week to claim it for them for when they’ll be aged 18 and ready for University…

#tbt to earlier this week when the boys and I took a trip to their future uni … Oxford University with grandma @yemisiakindele

Just as we did with their future secondary school, we placed their feet on the University grounds – The Library Square to be exact – and claimed Joshua 1:3 … “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you”

There’s nothing stopping our children from reaching the highest places with hard work, education, love and God on our side. #mybusariboys #destinedforgreatness #claimGodsWord #actinfaith




#education #oxforduniversity #school #learning #wisdom

Just want to keep encouraging you all out there to remember we are Spiritual people… all because of that ultimate sacrifice and act of faith displayed by Christ.

He opened the heavenly realm on our behalf – giving us access to claim and receive and to act in faith … so that we can wholeheartedly serve God, love on Him and be blessed at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy that would try to discourage you. Remember: the devil is a liar … and a LOSER!

Act in faith today.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


2 thoughts on “Acting in Faith…

  1. Stacie Cherill says:

    Never fails, your faith journey Is amazing ! I stand in agreement , #BusariPrincesAtOxford in Jesus’s name. By faith today, I’m going to write my wedding vows. Thank you Mrs Busari. You and your mother look gorgeous

    Liked by 1 person

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