Day 29 of 3am Marriage Prayers by 2019: Pray For Him To Have A Sound Mind

In a world where mental health appears to be claiming the lives and minds of many individuals… we have to take a stand as wives/future wives and say: Not today Satan! Not in my household! Not today and Not ever! In Jesus’ name!

As mentioned when we prayed against the spirit of anxiety, as the head of the home, there are many pressures that lie on the husband’s shoulders which can lead to depression and ill mental health in its various forms.

But thank God for JESUS! He came to make all things new and we declare a new and sound mind in Christ for our husbands/future husbands in Jesus’ name.

Pray that mental health issues will not find or step across the threshold of your doorstep in Jesus’ name. Surround your husband’s/future husband’s mind with the blood of Jesus – where anything that not be of Christ can not pass across.

Pray also for your mental health – that as wives/future wives – we will always have the strength of Christ by His grace to pray for our men and our families and households and that no burden will cause us to break down into depression or to be struck by mental health issues either in Jesus’ name Amen.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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