Day 26 of 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019)

Many wives live with and have to put up with so much from their husbands – and they don’t understand why. But sometimes it goes deeper than just the man himself… and the issues could lie in generational curses that have been triggered by his parents or other family members from earlier generations.

Pray for God to break EVERY tie to a generational curse in your husband’s/future husband’s life. Whether he and his parents are even aware of the curse is besides the point. You just do your part as a wife/future wife – and profess the blood of Jesus over the situation.

Christ came to break the bonds and chains of sin and death and to make all things new. Pronounce the truth of Christ’s power over every lingering aspect of a general curse in his life. It shall not continue into the next generation that God has called you both to create in Jesus’ name.

Declare that it is stamped and wiped out today and bears no power over his life and that there is no remaining trace of it in Jesus’ name Amen. And as wives, pray the same over your own life also.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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