Day 25 of 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019) Pray For His Family

The family your husband/future husband hails from means a great deal – and NOT because they might be rich! It’s sad to say that a lot of women would choose to marry a man solely because they know he comes from a wealthy family. But have these women taken the time to find out the true source of this family’s riches? What if the great great grandmother had gone to worship some “tree god” somewhere and sold her lineage and generations into spiritual bondage for the sake of having money?

Ok so that might be a bit far fetched… but it does happen…

The reason why the family your husband hails from is so vital is because ones history has the power to shape ones future. That means all that’s happened in his past lineage can affect his life… your life… your marriage, your children and your children’s children!

Pray that God will bless your husband’s/future husband’s family in His own way. That their hearts will be ones that long to worship and serve Him. That they won’t bring any form of contention or discord between the two of you. That his family will embrace you and treat you as one of their own… at all times!

Pray also for his relationship with his family – that as close as he may be to them… he will always put you and your children first – because once he’s said I Do… he belongs to you… not to his mama anymore!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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