Day 23 of 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019) Pray for Him To Have An Awareness of the World

It’s important for our husbands/future husbands to have an awareness and an understanding of the world. NOT that we want them to be influenced by the things of the world – but we do need them to be clued up about things and the way they work. It’s impossible to have an impact on something you know nothing about.

As great as it is to be Holy – it’s also vital that he’s not out of touch and isn’t overbearingly “religious” because that breeds ignorance and a recipe for pushing people away, rather than drawing others to you and thus to Christ.

No one wants a husband who thinks it’s not right to go out to the cinema or to restaurants on dates, or to take pleasure in dancing at a party with you. Pray for God to remove every aspect of having a stiff upper lip within your husband/future husband… so that while you both may not be of the world – you can both still be the salt and light of the world and enjoy the things that God has provided for us to enjoy our marriages.

It’s not everyday church-meeting if you catch my drift!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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