Day 22 – 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019) Pray For Him To Be Selfless

Jesus taught us that to lead means to serve first – and that comes from a place of selflessness.

For a wife to respect the anointing of leadership upon her husband’s life – he too must play his part by leading by example and by being selfless.

Christ laid his life down for his bride the Church and that’s the way God instructs husbands to love their wives. If there’s a bit of money left in the savings pot – that’s not the time for him to go and buy a brand new sports car for himself to impress his friends – when he knows that the children’s school fees need to be paid out of it – or when he knows that those necessary overdue home improvements need to be made – or when he knows that his wife’s car keeps breaking down and she’s in dire need of a decent one.

It sounds ridiculous that someone could think that way …

But I can assure you… some husbands truly do think that way. They don’t care and for them… it’s all about Me! Myself and I!

That’s a spirit and an attitude that needs to be prayed out and banished!

A selfless husband puts the cares and needs of his marital home before his own personal needs and by doing that, the rewards and blessings that will flow to him are far greater than anything he could have dreamed of accomplishing or achieving on his own or in his own strength.

Pray for your husband/future husband to be able to tap into the knowledge of the anointing of selflessness. For the singles (currently unmarried but perhaps dating or in a relationship you feel is leading to marriage) … if you see signs of extreme selfishness within the person you’re dating right now… seriously consider if he is husband material –

Because if he can behave like that now… how will he change within marriage and operate under the principle of being able to lay his life down for you and to love you as Christ loves the Church?

Think about it!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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