Day 20- 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019) Pray For His Eyes To Not Wander From You

A husband with wandering eyes is a problem! The Bible says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Once he’s found you… that’s when the search should end! Period!

If your husband/future husband has wandering eyes… pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint his eyeballs with the blood of Jesus, that he will be blinded to the sight of any temptresses and Jezebel spirits and for him to exercise self control.

You and you alone should be the apple of his eye at all times – no matter how far along into the relationship you are – remember marriage is for life. So ladies pray also that God will enable you to be creative with your love making, with your appearance, with your conduct …. it’s our responsibility to also keep things fresh for our husbands too… marriage is a partnership and we both have our parts to play.

When Mr B and I got married, I had a sensual boudoir photoshoot done FOR HIS EYES ONLY as a thank you wedding gift for being the only man who would wait for me and who was happy to do so (no sex before marriage). That photo is on a glass plaque in his possession…. when your husband has something like that… what else and where else could his eyes possibly still be searching for! Give him a SEARCH-STOPPING gift in yourself!

But most importantly pray! Because there’s only so much a wife can do in her own strength and likewise there’s only so much a husband can do in his own strength – let’s not be foolish and ignorant to all of the different forms of temptation out there… but with prayer being actively poured into your marriage (whether it’s an issue or not – don’t wait for it to become one before you start praying about it – prevention is better than cure) – and with the grace of God… it will be well in Jesus’ name…

AND let me just add… for those who aren’t married yet… don’t go rushing out to do boudoir photo shoots or anything like that. Lol! Give it to him as a wedding gift.

Don’t give up the prize before he’s actually won it!

You’re praying in advance for God to bless you with that creative spirit to please your future husband – for you to act on IN MARRIAGE!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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