Day 19 – 3am Marriage Prayers by 2019: Pray For Him To Have A Spirit of Unity With You

Unity is so vital in marriage – especially because God’s true vision for marriage is something that the enemy and the world around us absolutely HATES!

Any possible reason to cause disunity between husband and wife is so readily available in the society we live in – whether it be financial issues, pornography, sexual affairs and adultery and even nosy and stubborn in laws! There’s always something!

It’s important for us to pray for our husbands/ future husbands to be one with us. In the face of all of these worldly distractions, let nothing come between you both. It’s impossible to do this on our own – which is why it’s something to actively pray about.

Sometimes it could be decisions that his friends/peers want him to make, or ideas that his family have put into his head that would cause discourse between you. Pray for him to be strong and for the Holy Spirit to reinforce Himself as the third person in Your relationship that binds you both together so that NOTHING (not even his mum’s cooking!) can separate you both.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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