Day 18 – 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019) – Pray For His Confidence

No one wants a proud and arrogant husband… however we do want confident ones. It’s possible to be both humble and confident at the same time – when your confidence is founded in Christ.

Pray for your husband/future husband to display this kind of confidence in his life. Not only is it an attractive quality, it also enables him to confidently make bold and necessary decisions for your marital home.

We don’t really want to be married to men who are not confident enough to stand up for you against others (including his family when/if necessary) – or men who can’t make decisions on their own, who are always waiting for their wives to speak up for them or to stand up for them, or men who can’t challenge your children’s/future children’s school teachers if they are unfairly untreated etc… no thank you!

Pray for his confidence to never cross over to pride or arrogance but for it to be a positive quality in his life that benefits him, you, your children/future children and your marital home in general.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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