3am Prayers – Half Way There…

We’re officially just over half way through our 30 days of 3am prayers and I just want to encourage all who are joining in.

I know it’s not easy waking up at 3am to pray each night and well done to those who are making the sacrifice and big kisses to my beautiful friend (Ms L) who showed me the alarm on her phone for 3am prayers lol! God is listening sis!

Some already know what this picture is about. It’s a shell I gave to Mr B as a gift of love whilst we were strolling on a beach in 2010, not knowing how God would make it possible for us to eventually be together one day … but having faith… I gave it to him and told him to keep it safe and to give it back to me on the morning of our wedding day…whenever that would be.

I had literally almost forgotten about it until three years later…on the morning of our wedding day… there was a knock on my hotel room door and one of my gorgeous bridesmaids came in with a gift from Mr B. I opened it and literally cried! Tears of joy of course. The journey may seem long and sometimes it may seem like God’s not answering … but He’s watching and He’s listening and He’s stirred by your faith and obedience.

As He’s doing a good work in you during this time, keep holding on to Him and on to His promises… tears of joy are coming! 2019 we are ready for you!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx

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