Day 11 – 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019) Pray for him to have a spirit of mindfulness 

When the man you marry has a spirit of mindfulness … his concerns and his way of thinking are on the higher things of The Lord and not on the distractions of the World. 
It’s vital to be lead by a man who isn’t easily swayed by trends or latest fads – but who instead is mindful of the goal and destination that God has in store for your marriage and life together.
Whoever he may be… wherever he is right now and whatever he’s doing this moment… whether you know who he is or not… pray for God’s spirit of mindfulness to rest upon him today in Jesus’ name.
And if you’re already married and you fear your husband has gone off track in this department, ask God to restore His spirit of mindfulness within your husband today. And if your husband has never had it before… ask God to gift it to him right now. Remember… He can turn situations around just like that and bless you with a redeemed marriage!
Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B Xx


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