Day 10 – 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019) – Pray for him to have a spirit of patience 

A patient man is an important man!
 A man who is prepared to wait for you sexually is a VERY important man lol!
 Not only that … in marriage there are so many things that will want to grab your attention in terms of completing or wanting to keep up with The Joneses… 
If your husband is not patient – then he can end up doing reckless things either behind your back or even with your knowledge and without caring – because he’s just seeing the here and now, lacking vision and wanting instant gratification- instead of seeing the bigger picture that God has planned for you both.
… And sometimes… just sometimes…. this bigger picture that our God has planned for us… takes TIME! As the head/future head of your home… your husband’s/future husband’s need for a spirit of patience is a necessity! 
Pray it into his life today!

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B xx


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