Day 8 – 3am Marriage Prayers – pray for his reproductive abilities 

It’s important to pray about this all the time! Even if you don’t know who your husband is.
Often times people assume fertility issues lie with the woman but this is not always the case.
Pray for both of your reproductive organs and for healing in parts that have been hidden from you that could affect having children in the future… God has shown me time and time again that there is NOTHING He can’t do. When He’s ready to move in the area of people having children He will do it! 
In my own case, after my miscarriage, I was supoosed to go back for fertility treatment in August 2015 and …
“The doctors said no…. but God said YESSS!!!”
The doctors refused to give me the medication to try a second round of chlomide treatment, saying I had to wait for another year because of a lack of funding…. BUT!!! Because of the God we serve…by November… just two months after the doctors said no… God told me to take a pregnancy test… and I was already naturally 2 months pregnant!!! Without their help!!!

Some of us will need fertility assistance and some of us won’t … but whatever is in store for our personal journey…. let God be the master of it!

For those who are already married… it may be that you have conceived naturally in the past and it doesn’t seem to be happening again…. please don’t rule out fertility assistance. Let God guide you… but again… above all… let your prayer life be on fire!!!  

So pray for yourself but also pray for your husband’s reproductive abilities. Whatever is dead and dried up… The same God who brought dry bones to life to create an army for Israel will do the same for you! He will create an army of children for the glory of His Kingdom!
In Jesus’ name.
Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B xx


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