Day 7 – 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019)

This is a serious one! Pray against any affiliation with a soul tie for both your future husband/husband and yourself!

For more information about the dangers of soul ties and how to break them, you can read about it in God Made Sex & He Saw That It Was Good! 

Or for the full prayers about breaking Soul ties – purchase your copy of The Real Husband List – or join us on Instagram live at 3am on November 30th where we’ll be going through all of the prayers in full!

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B 


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019)

    • Mrs B 💕 says:

      Hi Whitney. A soul tie is when your soul is tied to an entity that has attached itself to you through emotional, spiritual or sexual contact. They are spiritually dangerous and try to prevent people from their destiny and God ordained relationships. You can read more about it in my book, God Made Sex & He Saw That It Was Good.


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