Day 6 – 3am Prayers for Marriage (by 2019)

Sex in marriage is important! God made it! And what God makes is Good! – but it comes with boundaries and a licence in order for us to enjoy it! That licence is Marriage!
Don’t let anyone pressure you or force you to compromise your values and beliefs before marriage… quite simply… if he does… then he’s NOT worth it! You can pray for God to subdue that part of your future husband during both of your time of waiting… and pray over your future sex life that you’ll have with him in marriage, that is will be blessed.

And for the married folk … pray for your husband’s sex drive, that it will be healthy and not soaked in sin, abuse or anything detrimental to your marriage bed – it shall remain undefiled in Jesus’ name.

If you haven’t read it yet… read my book: God Made Sex & He Saw That it Was Good!

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B xx 


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