Day 3 – 3am Marriage Prayers (by 2019)

It’s not just with unbelievers we can be unequally yoked to… even that fine brother who hands out the offering envelopes at church just may have a spirit in him that is NOT of God! 

Don’t think you can’t be unequally yoked just because the guy is in church! 

Pray for God to open your spirit eyes and that of your husband’s/future husband’s so that you both can SEE and that He and HE ALONE is joining you both to each other by HIS SPIRIT. And pray also for the strength to let go of God tells you NO! My child… this one is NOT THE ONE! 
#3ammarriageprayers #marriagesby2019 #therealhusbandlist #marriageGodsway #Jesusatthecenter #Hediditforme #Hecandoitforyou #faith #hope #love #marriageministry 🙏🏾💕


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