3 am Prayers for marriage by 2019

Bonjour lovelies.

It’s 3am here in the UK and The Holy Spirit had woken me up to pray.

Usually I pray specifically for my husband and for our marriage, just as I used to do when we were dating and I was praying for his salvation.

Today… I’m still praying for my husband and for our marriage and for God to continue to keep His perfect hand over us – because in all honesty…. I know that I am blessed and privileged to be married to Mr B. He is literally… physically and spiritually… God sent! (It’s what I prayed for right? Lol)

But I want to specifically pray for those out there who follow my blog and who are trusting God for their husbands. We’ve done the communal fasts and we’ve done the webinars and we’ve got The Real Husband List Book Launch and Prayer Conference coming up on November 25th… 
And I truly thank God because out of those events… marriages have been formed and I’ve been invited to the weddings of my blog followers (God is AWESOME)

But this night…. my 3am prayer is specifically dedicated to those who are truly and seriously trusting and believing for God to make a way in the marriage department … your marriage will take place within the next two years (by the end of 2019) in Jesus’ name.  

Whether you have a boyfriend or not right now or whether you’re in a relationship that seems like it’s a dead end one or whether you have no CLUE where the guy is going to come from all of a sudden… I’m standing in agreement with you right now and declaring in the mighty name of Jesus that the Holy Spirit will use me and my marriage as a point of contact for your own blessed marriages to be formed in Jesus’ name.

I’m expecting you all to be very prayerful too. 

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B xx


7 thoughts on “3 am Prayers for marriage by 2019

  1. henrietta akindele says:


    I’m going to start doing 3 am prayers throughout the month of November concerning David’s salvation and of course our relationship 🙌

    Thank you sis for the inspiration! I believe God will do it and it’ll be great according to His will 🙏

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