Happy Radical Faith Filled September!

Happy September lovelies!

I was telling Mr B how I remember the 1st September 2013 like it was yesterday! 
It was a Sunday and we were in church during praise and worship and I was just filled with so much joy and awe and couldn’t stop crying! 

I was FINALLY getting married that month! As in… for the past three years… all of the trips to heaven… all of the promises from God… all of the heartache and tears and relying on His Word… was finally all coming to fruition that month! 

What once felt like only a fairy tale dream was becoming my reality that month and I will forever be in awe of God’s goodness. 

Four years down the line and He’s just been MORE than faithful! 

This month… whatever it holds for you… trust that all things are possible with God. Weeping may last in the night but I can promise you … 
J O Y does come in the morning. It’s a new school term… It’s a new season as Autumn is ushered in… It’s a time of new beginnings…

What newness are you trusting Him for? 

So Hello September! 

Welcome to your month of J O Y people. 

Claim it and receive it with RADICAL FAITH

#september #anniversarymonth #newbeginings #itsanewseason #itsanewday #freshanointing #iscomingmyway #joy 
Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B xx

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