The Real Husband List – Singles Marriage Fast Webinar 

7 years ago on 1st August 2010 I started a journey praying and fasting for my future husband. 

Between January 2011 and June 2012, Jesus would regularly come and visit me in my bedroom at 3am without fail and take me to Heaven. 

He revealed so much to me about what I should be praying for regarding my future marriage and He literally tore up the “Husband List” I had previously written.

God gave me a “new list” in the form of Prayers. 

He cares about Marriage and wants us to build it up with the foundation of Prayer. It’s so important for us women to pray for our men. For our husbands/future husbands. 

That’s the Real Husband List that God is talking about – not that he must be 6ft tall and drive a Lamborghini! Lol! 

Join us in prayer and fasting on August 1st and for our live webinar as we pray through these prayers.

You can also purchase your copy of the book should you wish to at the end of the webinar.

Let’s kiss the single life goodbye and let’s restore godly Marriages and build godly homes for the glory of His Kingdom!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx
You can register for the webinar on eventbrite and joining details will be sent to you:

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