1st Year of #Mumlife 

Bonjour lovelies!

So finally my little Prince Josiah has turned ONE (just over 2 weeks ago now) and the past year has been the BEST of my life – as well as one of the most challenging. 
Having a baby changes you. It changes you as a woman. It changes you as a wife. It changes the way you work and whichever way you want to look at it… it changes your marriage! From having to rush a quickie with hubbie when it should have been a full blown session of you know what… lol! To not being able to watch your weekly shows together in peace … or having to skip out on Bible reading time sometimes 🙈… life changes! But it’s still the most beautiful and wonderful experience in the world! And I’m forever grateful to God for blessing me with our little treasure and for crowning me with a new name: Mama Josiah!
Just sharing a few of these changes in my life and hoping it helps someone out there.
Link to sign up for Morning Triumph Prayers: 

Birthday party pictures will be up at mrsbusari.com soon.
Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B x

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