My Wow Just Wow God!

“Whether placing stars or healing scars, no situation is too big or too small to get the attention of our loving God.” #wowjustwow I remember when I started my week of prayer and fasting for my husband back in 2010 and telling one of my best friends about it at the time who is an atheist. I remember him saying: “Lola! Even if God is real… why would He care about who you marry… of all the things in the world!”

But the AWESOME thing about my God is when you pray to Him… He listens… “whether He’s placing stars or healing scars” God is powerful and cares about both the big and small. (And In my eyes… who you end up marrying is just as important as God placing stars in the sky anyway lol) The marriage I have with Mr B is a testament to that a million times over! Don’t be afraid or skeptical. Don’t doubt His power or His divine love for you. He cares. No matter how big or small you think your need is… What’s your prayer point today? I’m praying with you! 
#HappyThinkFastTuesday #MyWowJustWowGod 🙏🏾💕
Stay tuned for more info about how to sign up for our next Singles Marriage Fast Webinar on 1st August 2017! 
Godly Marriages are coming in Jesus’ name! 
Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B 💕

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