Learning To Submit… Again

Bonjour lovelies!!

I recently celebrated my 30th birthday and amidst all the planning and prep for the celebration… the word SUBMISSION seemed to be at the forefront of everything!!!
And I realised that despite four years of marriage… I still hadn’t fully surrendered in full submission to my husband regarding  every area of my life.

I feel it’s rather strange that it took planning a bday party to teach me that I still have a lot to let go of… but you know how God is… He meets us where we are – and at that point … all I had on the brain was bday bday bday! Lol! So that’s exactly where God met me in order to speak to me and to teach me an important lesson.
Mr B and I are in our fourth year of marriage and yet I find that I have to keep learning and then re-learning what it means to fully submit.

Just when I think I’ve got it all worked out and mastered the art of it … yes it is an art… God keeps showing me that I have not infact mastered it at all!

To be 100% honest… it’s not as if I go around thinking… I’m not going to submit today lol. What I’ve found is that it’s the unconscious non-submission that seems to creep up on me… and when it’s brought to the foreground… it literally explodes in my face! 

I’ve come to see it as a time of growth and just as I referred to submission as an art… it’s something that can be a natural ability – but also requires skill and practice in order to perfect it.
Below is the link to my YouTube video where I discuss how exactly the art of submission has been on my mind recently. Hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe and share and all that good stuff 😂

And also feel free to share your own struggles with submission if you’re married … or your fear about having to submit when you do get married – and let’s tackle them together 💕
Bday pics coming soon 💃🏾

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B

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