New Book Alert!!! The Real Husband List… And Youtube!!!

This book was inspired by all of my trips to Heaven back when Jesus showed me how to pray for my husband. 

The REAL Husband List is a book that every woman planning to get married one day should read… It will aid women who want to ensure that they are seeking the qualities that God values most in a Husband. Married already? This is still for you! It’s so important that as wives we continually lift our men up in prayer. As the leaders of our homes, we need to ensure that each day, they are prayed up and equipped to handle the role that God has designed for them.

After all of my supernatural experiences encountered on my God lead journey to Marriage, I’m sharing within this book, 30 nuggets of wisdom given to me by God during my trips to Heaven.
These 30 nuggets of wisdom provide for the REAL Husband List that every woman needs to know what it is that we should really be looking for in a man.

I released this book as a surprise to Mr B at my 30th birthday party – because he has essentially been the best husband in the world. Helping and moulding and shaping me into the woman I am now. There is so much power in the prayers of a praying wife and when she’s praying for her man… he ends up leading her closer to God… and that’s the aim of marriage – for you both to be leading each other closer to a life that glorifies God in Heaven.
Order your copy today!
Discounted price for all Youtube subscribers (hit that red button if you haven’t already lol)!

Below is a link to share with your fiends and loved ones who you feel would benefit from the book. Thank you xxx

So excited to share so much with you via this new platform! #HelloYoutube lol 

And feel free to let me know what you’d like me to discuss and cover on my new channel.

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B Xx

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