Leave It In His Hands

Bonjour lovelies,

Just a reminder today to leave all that concerns you in His hands – that you may see His hands in all that concerns you. 

God has really been teaching me new things in my journey of Wife Life. It’s like each new blessing also comes with its own new challenge  – but with that – an opportunity to grow in my relationship with God – even when I think I’ve already mastered areas of “wife life” – He shows me there’s still so much more to learn… and thank God He does that – otherwise we’d just be stagnant wives with no growth in our marriages.

It’s not easy but in all things I’ve just continued to (rather – been reminded to) ensure I entrust everything in my journey of marriage and motherhood to the Lord … to place it in His hands and to leave it there with Him.

I have so much to share soon and I’m excited about it and praying that it will encourage and bless other wives out there and also the wives to be.
Whatever you’re facing right now – or relying on Him for… make that concious effort to take it to Him and to leave it in His hands and I promise you will see His hands in everything around you.

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B 💕

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