Prayer For Marriage in The Church 

Lord in your infinite mercies, I just want to pray for your Holy Church this morning. We’ve reached a point in time whereby others are debating and discussing and wanting to change the very core foundations upon which your church was built upon. We pray that your church will remain as your perfect unblemished bride, ready for your arrival and that the sins of this world and all that wants to bring perversion to your Holy establishment, will not stand in Jesus’ name.

I pray that our children and future generations will know and understand and love your truth and not depart from it. That they will uphold your desire for creation and for your Will that was established from the beginning of time – that man and woman shall join together in your presence and go on to produce godly offspring for the glorification of your kingdom.

Let every wagging tongue that tries to stand against what you have already ordained, be condemned and silenced in Jesus’ name. Please give us the strength and the boldness to uphold and to stand up for your truth – and to show love to all no matter the circumstances, just as Christ has shown love to us – but to also promote and reflect your truth always.
In Your Name we pray,

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B 


#SignUp #GodSentMrBToFindMe 


#ThankYouLord #WhatMarriageReallyIs 



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