Perfect Creator God

My perfectly created son, created so perfectly for me

There’s a reason why God is God! He is the ultimate creator of everything! From as great as the universe itself … To as small as the ant that scrambles across the  forest floor… Even to that annoying person at work who just pushes all your buttons and that guy who dumped you because you wouldn’t have sex with him… 

God created them all. 

How we respond to His creation is key. And says more about us than what we think about others.

Since being married and becoming a mother… I’ve come to know that trying to understand God in His true capacity as creator is simply far beyond what our minds can physically handle – and thus it’s a spiritual matter that He reveals to us in our own unique individual way.

When I look back to my life pre Mr B compared to now… I see that God didn’t just create a marriage – but He created a new spiritual version of me (and a physical version too – after the wedding night lol!) But being a wife, you see that God has created new aspects of your life that have innately always been a dormant part of you (occasionally poking through certain elements of your character in specific situations pre marriage) – but post marriage – He has now created the opportunity for them to be used.

The same with motherhood – I have undergone a deeper spiritual and physical change as part of God’s process as being Creator in my life – creating and moulding and shaping me into a mother. It’s not just about physically giving birth but about having every part of you renewed and created afresh- (thought processes, compassion, self sacrifice, overprotective tendacies etc).

So I just want to take a moment to appreciate our Creator God. His power literally knows no end. My prayer is that for those who are married – that you allow God to operate His creative abilities within you. I’ve seen so many wives who well… let’s just say- they haven’t yet read the memo about the fact that they are ACTUALLY MARRIED! Stop flirting with every guy who shows just the slightest interest. Shut it down and run to your  husband! Lol! 

Embracing the changes that occur – or that need to occur in order for you to be a good wife – and for you to have a God glorifying marriage that expresses gratitude to our Creator God is so important.

And for those yet to be married… take time to seek God about His Will as ultimate Creator over your life and over your future marriage. Ask Him for the blueprint design that He has uniquely created for your marriage with your husband so that you can start praying specific prayer points on them now. 
God is the best, most perfect creator. In my case, He knew my husband would be a Muslim turned Christian and that my children would be placed in my womb by an angel. That’s the unique set up He designed and created for me – which has set the course of the role He’s created for me as a wife and as a mother, of our heavenly marriage and of how we proclaim Christ in our household and in the life of our Josiah. 

Let Him be that Ultimate, Perfect, Creator God in your life today.
Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B šŸ’•

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