A Think Fast Tuesday Prayer 💕

Father God almighty I come before your throne and I declare that glory and adoration be onto your name! Hallelujah King of Kings and Lord of Lords! My risen King! My lamp on to my feet! My alpha and my omega!  My all and everything!

Thank you for this time of prayer and fasting and thank you for receiving and accepting the prayers from our hearts and lips to your ears.

Father God I lift up everyone who had entrusted  their prayer points to me, into your hands. Hold them firmly in the palms of your hands Lord and look kindly on your children from across the globe who have taken the time out to sacrifice and to Fast for you Lord.

They are believing in You to be their way maker and to heal all that is broken. To restore all that has been lost. To bring light to every area of darkness in their lives and to provide comfort for the broken hearted. Lord sometimes we joke and say: “Fix IT Jesus” or “Jesus take the wheel!” But Lord in all seriousness, this is what we ask of you truly.

Only you can fix it and only you can take the wheel – and drive us in the right direction in accordance with your precious will for our lives.

Lord we know that we do not pray and Fast in order to treat you like some form of a genie – but to show you that we are willing to take our mind and focus off of ourselves and to just dedicate this specified time to you and to your will. Whether we are fasting till just midday or 3pm or 6pm and whether it be a Daniel Fast or a liquid Fast or a Dry Fast… we know that all of those specifics don’t even matter to you. For you look into our hearts and see what is within our spirits.

Thank you Jesus for allowing us to each have our own unique relationship with you Lord. That whichever method it is that we choose to engage with you during our times of fasting – we thank you for accepting it and we thank you for accepting us.

Please Lord Jesus make a way. I am standing in agreement with all those who are trusting in you for their breakthrough. I pray that as testimonies have started to flow through … that more chains are being broken and that heaven shall rejoice with more victories to come on behalf of your children.

And for those of us still waiting on you Lord, please give us strength to be faithful and to be steadfast in our love and commitment to you. 

There is no greater joy than being right in the centre of your will and being enveloped by your loving embrace. May we forever find ourselves right there Lord and May we never be found wanting.

Once again, I commit all who have joined in the Fast today into your hands and I pray that good news, testimonies and songs of joy shall reign from their lips as they proclaim your greatness … just as you have blessed me and enabled me to witness your awesome power in my life, please do the same and more for your chidren Lord.

In Jesus Christ’s precious name we pray, Amen.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B 💕
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