Be Spiritually Prepared For Marriage 

Bonjour lovelies!

Happy New Year From The Busaris 💕

2017 is your year in Jesus’ name!

It’s been a week since our Singles Marriage Fast and I’m glad to announce that I’ve already had such awesome feedback from a lot of you!

God is moving and doing great things! One thing I want you to remember is that you must be prepared!

By doing this Fast, it was an act of faith that calls the attention of the spirit realm… and that’s great! But it also means that the devil is not happy about it and he will try to do things to frustrate and distract you… but be prepared and be on guard!

Quite a number of ladies have told me that since the Fast they have broken up with their boyfriends or have been shown certain things in the form of dreams… take heed to these things.

If the relationship you were in has ended … don’t be upset! Just keep thanking and praising God because He has started the process and is moving and positioning you for where you need to be… like a chess piece … He’s orchestrating your divine path so that it may be aligned with His will for you and your future husband to meet.

For those whom God has shown you things… take heed to them too and don’t see it as something light hearted. It’s the Holy Spirit who has given you specific prayer points to either be praying for or to be praying against, based on what He’s shown you. Again, this is awesome as there’s nothing bettter than knowing you’re walking on the path that God has directed for you. It may seem scary or overwhelming but He is your strength. 

The difference between you and someone else right now is they may be going through life not knowing what it is God is trying to show them … but He’s showing you! So embrace it and believe and confess and claim all that He’s showing you regarding the beautiful, Christ centred marriage He has planned for you.

The other thing I want to mention is that you must be spiritually prepared for movements! I can imagine telling my little sister this and her being like: I’m not ready to see any angels yet! Lol!!! (Although since doing the Fast I believe she’s ready now lol)

But in all honesty you have to be ready for anything. By partaking in the Fast last week… Heaven has been made aware of your act of faith and determination to commit your life partner and marriage into God’s hands instead of your own. For some of you… that means you just might see an angel … and you have to be prepared to embrace it.

Before the angel came to visit me to tell me that Mr B is God’s chosen one for me… it was January 3rd 2011… (which just happens to be today’s date!!!) … I was given a heads up by a family friend who is a pastor. He had told me the month before (December 2010 – after my Fast) that spiritual things are going to start happening to me and that I should be prepared. I was a bit skeptical at first… but ALL of that got THROWN out of the window when lo and behold! The angel in all its bright, beautiful, brilliance was standing there in my bedroom speaking to me about Mr B being my future husband.

And it was after first being visited by the angel that Jesus now started coming to visit me.

So my lovelies… be prepared for a spiritual shift in your life. Continue to be prayerful and don’t be distracted by anything the devil tries to throw your way. Remember he hates the true purpose and intent of God’s design for marriage. Don’t allow him to trap you in temptation of sexual sin (order my book if you need help… let’s get serious with it).

Don’t allow him to make you feel like you’ve made a mistake by ending that particular relationship…. God is moving you forward! Don’t allow him to keep you entrapped in guilt of any kind… Christ has delivered you already… Don’t allow him to cause you to be confused about anything… The Word of God is a light to our path and a lamp onto our feet.

Bury yourself in God’s word and proclaim the scriptures over your life and over your future spouse who ever he may be – and remember even if you don’t know who he is… God knows who he is … be praying for him… that God will sustain him and lift him up and stir him away from anything that is detrimental to your future marriage.

Keep on praying and trusting in His divine plan.

I’m praying for you too and waiting for those testimonies to come through.
Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B 💕

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