Singles Marriage Fast: Testimonies Are Coming 

So excited to see all that God has in store!

Thank you so much for joining your faith with mine.

#TestimoniesAreComing!!! #Amen!!!


11 thoughts on “Singles Marriage Fast: Testimonies Are Coming 

  1. Mirabel Akpaka says:

    You are God Sent!God bless you Mrs B and may the love, peace and joy of the Lord never depart from your household as you have joined your faith with ours this day X….


  2. Nadia says:

    Thanks so much mrs B. I’m so honoured that God uses you a total stranger to help me come back to Him. Thanks for letting me use your marriage and you as my points of contact. I was so excited for the first tome yesterday i made new year resolutions. I’ll private message you. I’m still fasting, it’s just 1pm48 here in Montreal. God bless you and your family. Thanks once again.


  3. Tee says:

    Hmmmm. Not up to 5 minutes that I signed up for the singles fast, I got a devastating news that shook my faith. I saw my exes introduction picture. I know my testimony is on its way wrapped up with beautiful ribbons. Thanks for this. May God bless you.


    • MrsB💕 says:

      God bless you too! Just see that news as confirmation that he is not the one and God has saved you from thinking he ever was. Sis trust me that’s not devastating news at all! It’s the best news ever! Like you said: yours is on its way wrapped up with beautiful ribbons 🎀


  4. Marleisha says:

    Today was indeed a sacrifice, but it was very God ordained. I truly believe that the prayers of the righteous do avavileth much… and I could feel the prayers going forth today as I was praying and studying for everyone. I hope everyone is getting ready because purpose and destiny is getting ready to align itself for the women on this fast!! To God be the Glory!! God bless you, Mrs. B!!


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