Singles Marriage Fast! 27/12/16

Bonjour lovelies!

This one’s for all the singles out there… well… the serious ones anyway!
If you know you’re serious and ready … and I mean really ready (not one foot in one foot out) about getting the wheels turning for marriage next year (2017) then this Fast is for you! You can officially join in by filling out the form at the end of this post.

As I mentioned on Instagram the other day, God promised me that I’d have a marriage ministry for a reason. At the time when He made this promise… I myself was in a position where that seemed like the MOST inconceivable thing ever! Y’all know  My Supernatural Marriage Testimony by now so you can understand why I didn’t see how that was going to happen at the time…
…But God…
… And as they say…the rest is history!

And it’s great! I am living My Happily Ever After married life… (Let me just quickly point out that my life is not perfect… Far from it!!! But I do know I’m exactly where God wants me to be and I’m so appreciative of His immeasurable love and mercy and favour and grace that He’s showered upon me in my life – especially regarding my marriage – which is what He promised He would do years ago when I was still single…)

And this is not just about me… everyone who wants to have a God- glorifying marriage is entitled to one. God loves marriage and He wants us to produce Godly families and raise Godly homes for the glory of His Kingdom.

God has laid it on my heart to use the last Think Fast Tuesday of this month… of this year… to hold a joint Fast for all the singles who are ready to engage with Him in this area of their lives.

When I say single… it doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend…you’re courting… you’re together but it’s not official yet… heck! Even if you’re engaged and have a fiancé… and a beautiful bright shining ring… you’re still single! I’m talking about everyone who has not said “I Do” before God and Man and doesn’t have that wedding band on.

The enemy HATES everything that God LOVES… and God LOVES Marriage. Even if you’re scheduled to walk down the aisle on December 31st… this Fast is still for you – because the devil can try anything and everything to throw a spanner in the works of what God holds dear. It’s important for us to hold these things up in prayer and fasting.

Mr B and I tied the knot at the end of September 2013 and for every day from the first of September – I prayed and fasted till 6pm: Holding my future marriage up in prayer… speaking life into the married life that we would live… blinding any eye of Jezzabel worshippers lol… covering the wedding date with the blood of Jesus… declaring that no unforeseen issues would all of a sudden creep out of the woodwork … praying that Mr B and I wouldn’t have any reason to argue or fall out with each other during the planning process (because planning a wedding can be VERY STRESSFUL)… asking God to let everything remain nice and smooth between our two families … reminding God to “Take Care” of any individuals (seen or unseen) who may be murmuring on some rooftop somewhere planning and plotting (let’s not be ignorant about these things – The Bible itself says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers)… and if you really want to take it there… you can add ‘for the food to not run out’ to your list of prayer points lol!

But seriously… for those who are truly truly single and who are not in any form of a relationship at the moment – and especially if it’s been a while since you were last in one – or if you’ve never been in one before…. I want you to take this VERY SERIOUSLY!

I’m believing that you’re all mature and ready – and if you feel and know that there are certain tendencies within you whereby you do things in a self destructive manner to drive guys away… ask God to help you to stop it!!! And if you’re generally a bit too timid and shy about opening up to guys… ask God to fill you with the spirit of boldness and confidence! He has not given you the spirit of fear but of courage and a sound mind! (2 Timothy 1:7)

If you need God to give you a push up the backside … or to help you reign it in a bit because you know that sometimes you can be… well… a little too much! …. Or if you need God to help you maintain your sexual purity and to come against every form of temptation that can jeaopordise this period of waiting (be sure to check out and use my book God Made Sex & He Saw That It Was Good during your prayer time) …
Or even if it’s that you just truly need God to help you find The One… Then this Fast is for you. Use it and take it seriously and see it as The One that is going to work for you… The One that is not going to put you to shame…The One that is going to show the World just who exactly the God that we serve is.

Back in 2010…. I was a young 22 year old… fresh out of completing my Masters and running my first year of my company: Education and Work were sorted – and I knew I was ready for “MY Husband” … not “A Husband” … because “A Husband” is for anybody. “A Husband” can be shared or can be replaced by another or will always be subject to being an option!
Nuh Uh! Not for me honey!          (American Accent lol)

For me, it had to be “My Husband” not “A Husband”- and when I started my 5 day Fast for God to bring me “My Husband” I reminded Him of who He is and what He had done for those in the past within the Bible  – and of how He is the same God Yesterday, Today and Forevermore!

If He could do it then… Then He could do it now! And He gave me my Mr B! The journey wasn’t easy (Ohhhh! It was hard mehnnnn!) lol… but it was worth it! And God has the same desire to bless you with your own blessing of marriage that is unique and special to you. He wants to bless you with the one that He has destined for you to be with since from the beginning of time itself. Remember … before He formed us in the womb, He knew us – and thus He knew our husbands too!

I’m praying that this joint Prayer and Fasting will truly reach the prayer bowls of Heaven. There will be no angel of darkness to cause blockages or delay. I send forth the ministering angles that have been sent to work on our behalf to make every crooked way straight, to fight against and to defeat every agent of fear, worry, anxiety, delay and impatience. I decree that your husbands will not be blinded against you and I remove EVERY aspect of spiritual blindness from his being. He will see you and he will find you and he will make you his wife with Christ at the centre of your relationship, of your marriage and of your home in Jesus’name.

To officially sign up to join the Fast on Tuesday 27th December 2016, fill out the form below with your prayer points by Monday 26th December – and be sure to follow the blog (if you’re not already) for more updates and prayer points which will be shared anonymously so we can all pray on them together. (Where two or more are gathered in my name, I shall be in the midst of them – Matthew 18:20)
Share with your single friends, spread the word and let’s make a difference!
Let’s really make this happen in Jesus’ name!

And if you’re still relatively young and not exactly ready for marriage next year… then still join in the Fast and see it as sowing a seed into your future. It’s better to do the ground work sooner rather than later lol. Marriage is too much of a life time investment to just leave it to chance … Remember we don’t just want any kind of marriages here… We want those “Christ Centered My Happily Ever After” kind of Marriages!

Looking forward to the blessings and testimonies to come!
Mr B, Josiah and I are expecting our wedding invitations next year lol!

The times for the Fast, as well as the Prayer points will be sent out to all who have filled out the form.
Love you all.
Faith, Hope & Love,

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