LIVING As A VESSEL Woman’s Conference 

Bonjour lovelies,

Calling all single women in Leicester… yes… ALL OF THEM! Lol! And married women too… as well as those in a relationship and of course… the ones who are in that … limbo phase… where you can’t quite define it yet… 

Basically… Whatever situation you’re currently in…  Feel free to come along to the LIVING AS A VESSEL WOMAN’s CONFERENCE in Leicester on 26th November… 

It’s always an honour to share when God lays something on your heart and I’ll be sharing the platform with my beautiful god sister Mrs Kemi Olowe of

I’ll be speaking about hearing God’s voice and applying it to the promotion of purity in forming a relationship and a marriage that’s pleasing on to Him. 

Be sure to check it out if you’re in and around Leicester… and even if you’re not…you can always take a train/plane/submarine down there… the event is free! Lol! You can register at eventbrite.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the lovely Benita… 

We met when she had come for one of my events earlier this year (AFTERNOON TEA WITH MRS B: GOD MADE SEX & HE SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD) …and she was so inspired. 

I love seeing young people owning their relationship with Christ and then sharing that so lovingly and gracefully with the World around them. #GenerationUnashamed

Also don’t forget Prayer & Share and the official launch of Morning Triumphs will be on December 3rd. Joining details will be sent out soon (and it’s virtual so you can join wherever you are across the globe)
Love you all!


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