A Letter To My Husband 

Dear Mr B

I write to you this evening as I’m on my way to a wedding whilst you’re at home bathing our son and getting him ready for your outing to the restaurant tonight.

I watched you sitting on the edge of the bath tub, meticulously (as you do) massaging baby shampoo into his hair with the most beautiful look of contentment on your face – as your wife was running up and down trying not to trip on her wrapper in her bid to get ready for this wedding reception.

It’s probably one of the most inconsequential acts … to give your own son a bath and massage shampoo into his hair as he gurgles in delight at the sight of the foaming bubbles around him…

But to me Mr B… that “inconsequential act” is the life of my beating heart.

You bathe him, you wash and fold and iron his clothes (and mine too lol)… you feed him and play with him … you take him from my tired arms when I’m laden with exhaustion and you teach him how to be a man when you tell us to hold hands in prayer and seal it with a forehead kiss for the both of us.

You have NO idea how much I love and appreciate you. I have to let the whole world know that good men are real and that they truly do exist… 

And what can I offer you as a vote of thanks? 


NOTHING besides…


My heart is yours Mr B

Always & Forever 

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