Declare it! Claim it! Own it! Prince Josiah’s Open Day! 

Bonjour lovelies!

God bless all of you who joined in Think Fast Tuesday yesterday.

I just want to encourage you as we do things in faith…
We live in a world where a lot of people – including Christians… seem to find it difficult to accept and believe in miracles … erm… isn’t that what the foundation of our faith is all about?!

The miracle that Jesus died and rose from the dead and is alive and reigning in heaven above and working on our behalf?!

Well I guess we can be excused from having moments of “Un-unwavering Faith” so to speak… when Doubting Thomas himself found it difficult to have such faith and he had actually walked and talked and laughed with Christ!

But still… we are called to BELEIVE and in that same vein… to act in faith. 

The Bible says:

“And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him” (Hebrews 11:6 ESV). 

I for one believe in operating on acts of faith in order to show God that I do not doubt His promises in my life. There are many instances in my life where I have done things to deliberately engage my faith and it can be as mundane as passing a driving test … to as serious as getting married and having children…

When I was to take my driving test… I bought myself a “Congratulations You Passed Your Driving Test” card a few months before I sat the test. I put it up on my bedroom wall in faith that it would be so… and I passed first time round! (And I was a TERRIBLE driver!!! All of my friends know it! So it was definitely God working on my behalf there I can assure you! Lol)

When it was time to get married…oh! What did I NOT DO?! Lol! There were so many acts of faith I committed to reaffirm God’s promises of my marriage to Mr B… one of them was buying my wedding dress BEFORE he had even proposed…and paying the deposit for our venue to confirm the date God had given us… even when we didn’t have the money to pay the rest… but God sees our heart and sees our actions… and He takes care of the rest!
No faith without works right?

With my children… again… there are SO MANY acts of faith I’ve done. Half of Prince Josiah’s clothes … including his personalised items with his name on them… were all bought years before I was pregnant and some even before I started dating Mr B! 

And here we are again… earlier this week… Mr B and I took Prince J to the school he is destined to go to. He was registered a few days after he was born and is due to start in September 2023 by God’s grace… I had called at the start of September to arrange for him to go to the school open day. The receptionist seemed very unhelpful when I told her he was only still 2 months old at the time and tried to fob us off!

But my mother insisted we have every right to be there… and so the receptionist eventually gave us a date … 24th October: which turned out to be the WRONG DATE!!! 

We woke up extra early that morning and drove for two hours into central London… to get there for 9am. Everything looked quiet and there was no sign of life about the school. I know it’s half term and thus the children would be on break but we were expecting to see other prospective parents around and ready for the Open Day… but nothing.

We rang the bell for the receptionist… nothing. Called the school office… nothing. Called the school office again… still nothing. We waited on the cold steps for ages trying to figure out who to contact. We checked the school calendar online and saw in their diary that the receptionist had given us the wrong date! The open day had been on September 24th! Last month!!! 

I was slightly disheartened because I had been so looking forward to this day! I wanted to have the first tour of the school that Prince J would be attending … the school that God had promised to him in one of my answered prayers …. and it looked like it was not going to happen that day…

We retreated to the car feeling slightly defeated when my mum suggested regardless, we go and take a picture with Prince J on the front steps of the school. I thought it was a great idea! I told Mr B to bring his wallet too so we could lay it on the grounds in faith that God will bless our finances and provide the funding that would be needed for Prince J to attend the school when his time comes. (Just want to quickly thank God for my mum’s life… she’s always inspiring me and pushing me to never give up on anything God has promised you… thank you mum 💕)

So Mr B and I headed back to the front steps of the school with our Prince J and we climbed to the top to take a picture. As soon as we reached the top… the door just opened and an old man stood in the entrance waiting for us to go through! We looked so puzzled. We hadn’t rang the door bell this time or anything! 
He just opened the door and let us in. He looked at us and said “You can go through if you like… I don’t belong to the school, im just doing a job here.” 

REALLY!!! He HAD to be an angel! He walked out of the front door and throughout all of our time there… we didn’t see him again… or anyone else! We had the WHOLE SCHOOL to ourselves! Our OWN OPEN DAY just for the Busaris!

We took our precious time to walk around and to pray and to claim it for our Prince J in Jesus’ name. We placed Mr B’s bank card on the grounds and claimed and declared that God would provide the finances for the fees (They’re currently about £30,000 per year) either that or full 100% scholarship! Whichever God prefers is cool with me! Lol!
And last but not least… we placed little Prince J’s feet on the ground… so he could take dominion. Not just to gain entry to the school in 2023… but to be an excellent high achiever at the school. To be a leader and not a follower. To be the head and not the tail and to fulfil purpose in Jesus’ name. 

The Bible says:

“Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you…” (Joshua 1:3) … As Josiah’s little feet touched the grounds… we declared this scripture over his life.

We took pictures of him with the school’s trophy cabinet to seal the deal and to claim that he too would be a recipient of such awards and win them for the school.

So whatever it is that God has laid in your heart… I won’t say don’t doubt and I won’t say don’t be discouraged when it seems like it’s not happening…because as humans… we’re bound to feel that way. There are many times when depite how faith filled I’ve felt… moments of doubt and discouragement can still creep in… but the key is to not remain in that situation … but to speak the Word over it!

Declare it! Claim it! Own it! 

For my sisters who are trusting  God for their husband… go and buy your wedding dress! Or at least start your savings fund for it! For my brothers… go and pray about your actual Wedding date and put down your deposit for the venue for that date… for those trusting God for the fruit of the womb… ask God for the names of your children and pray over them by name and go and start buying their clothes and items they will need.

The Bible says we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony (Revelation 12:11) … with Jesus at the centre of our faith… we can do ALL that God has promised us. So go ahead and declare it! Claim it! Own it! Today!

I’m waiting for your testimonies o! Lol!

Faith, Hope & Love,

10 thoughts on “Declare it! Claim it! Own it! Prince Josiah’s Open Day! 

  1. Stacie Dickson says:

    GOD IS SO EPICALLY AMAZING! Today, THIS DAY OCTOBER 26TH! THE DAY YOU POSTED THIS BLOG LOL AND IVE BEEN ON A PHONE FAST/ INTERNET FAST SO THIS IS THE FIRST BLOG IVE READ IN A WEEK! (when i get your blog notifications in my inbox I act a little bit EXTRA! LOVE THIS BLOG) The Lord told me to go to a car dealership (I’m from Texas USA by the way) SO TODAY… lol.. I went to a car dealership to pray over a truck that God said he would buy for my future husband … DEBT FREE.. The truck is $65,000… I have no money for that but I believe The Lord. HE TOLD ME HE WILL SEND SOMEONE TO BUY IT FOR ME CASH! I BELIEVE. The truck was lifted up high above the other cars.. I came armed with my backpack…filled with worship cd (a certain song to play when I test drove the car, I planned )..anointing oil…my prayer cloth… a picture of my fiance.. lol EVERYTHING! I wrote the vision down had that too.. I was at the car dealership (I probably looked out of place, “who is the little black girl (I’m 22 but I look younger) looking at this big cowboy truck) No one came out there but I took my time.. THE TRUCK WAS OPEN! I got in..put the picture of my future husband in the driver’s seat.. put the prayer cloth down…I prayed in tongues..I was still kinda looking around for a person to come lol I switched to the driver’s side..prayed over the steering wheel.. declared that this vehicle will be used for the Gospel of Jesus Christ…. At first I got discouraged cuz I was like “God nobody’s coming to help me” but that was my time with the truck.. to annoint it…I thought I was going to do this when I test drove it…but God knew best.. I had like 20 minitues alone with it.. Its a high truck..The tires are like 4 feet high..I annointed the tires, walked to the front touched the grill, the tailgate everything… Opened the back seat.. AND THERE WAS A BLACK SPIDER..THE DEVIL IS A LIAR I rebuked that demon right there! I still got in! LOL I don’t play.. I live by the water so those marine spirits need to be put in their place! So I walked in and asked if I could see the keys to the truck, look at it. And this awesome sweet blonde lady helped me… The Lord told me to tell her when she asked if this truck is for me, or any questioons about money, I told her “MY FATHER IS BLESSING MY FIANCE WITH A TRUCK!” ( I MEANT MY HEAVENLY FATHER BUT SHE TOOK IT AS MY EARTHLY DAD) but still i revieved it! I couldn’t drive the truck cuz I didn’t have my insurance card (SO THAT’S WHY ABBA HAD ME HAVE THAT 20 MINUTES ALONE WITH THE CAR AT FIRST CUZ I PLANNED TO PRAY IN TONGUES HAVE MY WORSHIP SONG PLAY BY PROPHET BRIAN CARN AS I TEST DROVE THE TRUCK) But we drove the truck… she asked what i do.. (I have a blog and am in ministry) and that opened doors to questions.. (you could tell she thought i was rich or my earrtlhy dad was rich cuz i told her my dad is buying my fiance a truck..but I meant God but HEY I AM A DAUGHTER OF THE KING) THE TRUCK WAS PERFECT! PERFECT ! PERFECT! I believe The Lord! I have no money saved, but he has called me and my husband to preach the Gospel! When she asked what my fiance does ( we aren’t OFFICIALLY engaged yet..but BY FAITH LOL) We have a promise to own a very prosperous Ranch to be used for the Kingdom that will bring in our wealth..also he is called to be a Pastor…(even if he isn’t walking in it yet…it’s going to be a total AWESOME transformation…iM SO EXCITED TO SEE GOD MOVE) But I told her my fiance is a Rancher! I was speaking faith , after faith! But I am standing on God’s promises that either that truck will be given unto us debt free, or another truck he has.. ALL GOD NEEDED WAS MY FAITH! HE WANTED TO SEE IF I WOULD STAND TO ‘LOOK CRAZY’ with $5 in my bank account believing God for this truck! AND I TOTALLY DO CUZ I’VE SEEN GOD WORK AWESOME MIRACLES IN MY LIFE! THANK YOU MRS. BUSARI FOR BLOGGING! I bought Pappa’s Little Girl’s as well.. You’re faith walk has increased mine! Especially your Marriage Testimony…cuz although different.. it’s almost the same promise of praying for my God ordained spouse when all else looks opposite.. AND THE FACT THAT THIS BLOG CAME OUT THE DAY I DID THAT ACT OF FAITH WITH THE TRUCK BLOWS MY MIND AND CONFIRMS GOD’S WORD FOR ME!! THANK YOU!!


    • Mrs Busari says:

      Wow! Just wow! Do you mind if I share this on the blog? What an awesome testimony of faith!!!! God is a “Too Much God!!!” I’m standing in agreement with you sis! And one day… when God has done it… I’m coming to visit y’all on that ranch! And have a ride in your truck! Lol! God bless you sis and thank you so much for the kind words xxx


      • Stacie Dickson says:

        It would be an HONOR for you to share this post!! I can’t wait until you’re doing conferences and speaking all across America! (Come to Texas first lol) Filling up stadiums! You’re books selling millions! DELIVERANCE, HEALING CONFERENCES… I BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND, Your children proclaiming the Gospel! You & Your husband will be multimillionaires…uhh, nevermind that… BILLIONAIRES (yes!) American Fortune 500 Companies calling THE BUSARI HOUSEHOLD… BEGGING TO DO BUSINESS, TO INVEST IN YALL’S BUSINESSES! For the Kingdom of God! You’re books becoming MOVIES, with worldwide openings and NETFLIX STREAMING (YASSS)! “PAPPAS LITTLE GIRLS The Movie”, selling out theaters WORLDWIDE..but not only that..DELIEVERING SOULS WORLD WIDE! HOLLYWOOD ACTRESSES AND STARLETS SOAKING UP YOUR WISDOM, SEEKING A TRUTH THEY NEVER SEEN AND HEARD BEFORE IN A WOMAN THEIR AGE! I see WILLIAM AND KATE enrolling THEIR CHILDREN/ GRANDCHILDREN in yall’s future school “PRINCE JOSIAH’S KINGDOM ACADEMY” A WORLD RENOWNED SCHOOL THAT WOULD HUMBLE HARVARD AND YALE, A PRESTIGIOUS SCHOOL THAT EDUCATES LEADERS AND ENLIST KINGDOM WARRIORS! (I am a creative writer LOL my imagination is BIG..BUT ‘ WRITE THE VISION ‘RIGHT! GOTTA SPEAK IT!) You opening up a Clothing company..Worldwide Brand!! GUCCI WILL BE CALLING YOU TO WORK WITH THEM FOR NEW YORK FASHION WEEK…AND DESIRE TO GET SAVED!! Hey.. Maybe God will have you have a Christian Television network as well!! I see you working with Heather Lindsey (that would be AHMAZING, love yall)


        You might have to correct typos because I was so excited I didn’t go back and proof read and correct (and I have a degree in writing so I know better..)
        Also, about 3 weeks ago, my mom and I were in the waiting room (also prophetic LOL) of a hospital before her eye surgery and I just HAD to share your blog post about how an angel placed your little Prince in your womb. And I gave my mom the phone and I let her read it out loud. There was a bunch of people around in the waiting room…all you hear from my mom is…
        It was like we were watching a movie, well better, reading that blog post..And I also have a praying mother who like you do so that’s a blessing. And it filled her with so much peace before her surgery! (which was a success) And although we were kind of loud, the other people in the waiting room HAD TO BE BLESSED BY IT! LOL (if not we didn’t care)
        “STACIE SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! AIN’T HE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY! ZOOM IN FOR ME STACIE I CAN’T SEE (LOL, granted it was on my Iphone, but she was getting eye surgery LOL)

        And ofcourse you can visit the ranch!! We will have the guest house waiting! You can also host your marriage retreats out there for your Texas tour! 🙂 It’s one of my desires to travel to THE UK (ya’ll are so POSH LOL) So I would LOVE to meet you in LONDON 1 day! Lol You will be a very busy woman with your worldwide movie premiers and everything going on. and your beautiful children you are raising ..but we will find the time 🙂
        Hugs from Texas,
        Stacie 🙂


      • Mrs Busari says:

        Wow Stacie! God bless you! And then some! I’m in awe! I claim it in Jesus’ name. And I love you already! Lol! And please give your mum a huge kiss and a hug from me! 💕


  2. sisterbisi says:

    I love this faith. 2023 seems so far away to the naked eye, but not yo the spiritual one, if Satan is laying the evil groundwork for the future even before the children are born and making plans to spoil everything, why shouldn’t believers lay claim and have dominion over the future no matter how far.
    I am certain that those your prayers will yield results because of your foresight and faith.


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