The Embers…

Hi lovelies, hope you’re all well and happy new month.

Right now, I’m typing with one hand and carrying Prince Josiah  in the other so that he can breastfeed… He doesn’t joke around with his food lol!

 So! The EMBERS! I remember how every year for the past three years… I would approach the EMBER months with a sense of hope, fear, faith and then disappointment.

Each time September knocked on the door… And the remaining glimmers of a “British” summer gave way to the autumnal shades of yellow and brown leaves that had fallen from strong ancient trees onto cobbled stoned grey streets… I knew that the EMBER cycle was upon me again. 

What is the EMBER cycle you ask? 

It’s almost like a wheel of turbulent emotions … Those last four months of the year (October is a bit different – but you get what I mean lol) where the names of the months end in ’ember’ (SEPTEMBER. OCTOBER. NOVEMBER. DECEMBER).

For me… Before Mr B’s salvation I would go into crazy intense prayer mode during these Ember months – praying that he would be saved and that we could be together just as God had promised and that it would happen before the end of that year so that I could walk into the new year with a huge smile on my face and say: “Hello January! God has FINALLY done it for me!” … Erm… No!

I don’t drink by the way lol!

It never happened… And I would be at the New Year’s service that January feeling down and thinking … I can’t believe I have to go through another year of this! And it was the same with pregnancy! We got married in September 2013 (the start of the Ember months) – and I was so sure that by December I would be pregnant. Mr B’s birthday is actually on Christmas Day!! So it was my desire to hand him a positive pregnancy test on his birthday as a Birthday/Christmas gift!  How great would that be??? Erm no! Didn’t happen! And it didn’t happen the next year either!

Thus those Ember months became a time of anxiety and boarderline depression after the high of Mr B’s Salvation had come and was replaced with the lows of not getting pregnant. Each year, as soon as September hit, my mind would be plagued again with thoughts and I would be worrying and wondering: “Could Watchnight service on December 31st this year be different?” 

Well… Watchnight service last year was DIFFERENT! I finally (by God’s PERFECT GRACE) crossed over into the new year with our precious Baby B inside! When September hit last year… I made up my mind that things would be different. That things needed to change!

I wasn’t going to have that sense of anxiety just because the Ember months had come upon me…. I decided to specifically put these Ember months into His hands and I put Him to the test… Malachi 3:10 is the only place in the Bible where it says we can put God to the test … I made a special tithe offering to trust God and I called it an “experiment” that I was doing lol… 

The full story of this supernatural testimony will be on the blog later this month (if you haven’t already read it yet in my book lol)

The next batch is finally ready so if you have already ordered yours, it should get to you next week x

But for now… I just want to encourage everyone to take control of these Ember months. Are you trusting God for your spouse? For clarity and direction in your life? For the fruit of the womb? For your finances to be in check? To not feel so overwhelmed? For help with your job/business? Whatever it is… Take doninion over it by the power of the blood of Jesus!

Believe and trust that when December 2016 hits and you’re at that watchnight crossover service… There must be a change for the better. I took the pregnancy test in November last year as God had instructed me to – and when we went to the doctors… It turned out that the very start of the Ember months last year September is actually when Prince Josiah was conceived…

So… It’s still the start of September … Don’t wait another second… Get these next Ember months coming up in check and decree that God will show up for you in Jesus’ name!

Stay tuned for the testimony…

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B ๐Ÿ’•

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