Do You Have A Spirit Husband?

When they touched hands it was electric…

Like sparks of fire

That sparked a desire 

In them both – so strong 

That the deepest and darkest of nights Could never diminish 

The biggest and brightest of 

Lights that was 

Their Love.

Their Love… so she thought- was pure and true- 

A divine avenue – for beauty to be shaped and formed through-

The mingling of two souls.

But what she didn’t know-

Was that HER soul was being mingled straight 






Under the spell

Of his eyes- she had obliged and parted her tender

Lips for him-

And that was it.

That’s all it took for her to be hooked

Line and sinker!

Joined to a sinner 

In skin…

In Body…

In Bone…

And in soul…

And the deepest and darkest of nights …

Had become the shawl

That enshrouded the life 

Of this once sweet Christian girl. 

Spirit husbands and soul ties are very real and so many are plagued by them both knowingly and unknowingly. But the good news is that at the name of our Lord Jesus Christ – EVERY knee MUST bow!

And freedom and deliverance from such a spiritual bond with a spirit husband (or spirit wife -if you’re a guy) is very real and possible.

Thank you God for Jesus!
To find out more, check out Rhea’s story and my own personal encounter with and deliverance from a spirit husband in my book: Good Made Sex and He Saw That It Was Good.
Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B ūüíē

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