Delay Is Not Denial

Bonjour lovelies,
It’s been a while… What with me having a baby and all…lol!

All of my most cherished blessings… My King, Mr B and my prince, baby Josiah – are no doubt gifts from the Lord for seeking His Kingdom first.

But I am so aware that often times it feels like we’re doing the right thing as a good Christian and yet… The things we’ve been hoping and praying for … Just don’t seem to be coming our way.

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This morning I was reading my daily devotional from Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life and the message today really spoke to me – Delay is not Denial from God. I’d like to share it here and hope that it blesses you too.

No matter what you’re trusting in God for- continue to be faithful to Him and He will NEVER let you down. I remember this time last year I was in Nigeria for a wedding and one of my Christian Conversations On Love & Marriage events – and literally everywhere we went… Aunties and uncles kept saying: 
“Ah! Ah! Where is the baby now? It’s been two years already… What are you waiting for? Or you don’t know how to do it? You don’t know what to do in the bedroom? If you don’t know… Ask your mum to show you! ”

Little did they all know that just the previous month I had had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. No … I hadn’t felt the baby kick at that stage yet… And I didn’t have a pregnancy bump yet and it was four weeks before getting to see my little one at the 12 week scan… but it was all still very real to me – there was a life inside me — baby – a child to be loved and cherished … And the hurtful words from such people at such a time were just heartbreaking… But through it all… I remained hopeful in God and kept smiling between my tears.

And then God… In His awesome wisdom and infinite love – knew that at the exact time a year later… My baby boy would be in my arms. (I’ll be sharing the full supernatural testimony soon)

So let me just encourage you all today… Delay is definitely not denial and I pray that the message below will bless and encourage you.

Delay is Not Denial From God by Rick Warren:
The Bible is filled with examples of how God uses a long process to develop character, especially in leaders. He took eighty years to prepare Moses, including forty in the wilderness. For 14,600 days Moses kept waiting and wondering, “Is it time yet?” But God kept saying, “Not yet.” 

Great souls are grown through struggles and storms and seasons of suffering. Be patient with the process. 

Don’t get discouraged. When Habakkuk became depressed because he didn’t think God was acting quickly enough, God had this to say: “These things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue a single day!” (Habakkuk 2:3 LB) 

Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be. God isn’t finished with you so keep moving forward. Even the snail reached the ark by persevering!

ā€œFor the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.ā€
(ā€­ā€­Habakkukā€¬ ā€­2:3ā€¬ ā€­NIVā€¬ā€¬)

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B šŸ’•


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