Nine Months Today!!! Thank You Jesus! 

Bonjour lovelies! Hope you’re all doing well!
So we’re officially 9 months pregnant today! Thank you God! The time seems to have flown by so quickly and we can’t wait to meet our little prince Baby B next month.
June is going to be such an awesome month. I’ll finally get to see his face and hold the precious little fingers of the child that I had endlessly cried and prayed for for years! Especially after having a miscarriage it felt like- Lord! When will you finally fulfill your promise?! We’ll be sharing our testimony of how God supernaturally blessed us with this gift of pregnancy next month. It will also be featured at and next month you’ll also be able to purchase your copy of “God Made Sex and He Saw That It Was Good” using the link below:

So as I’ve been working on the book, I haven’t had much time to blog but I wanted to quickly share a few of the experiences I’ve encountered along this pregnancy journey so far… Some were funny… Some were painful and some were just weird! Lol! Here are 9 of the most memorable… One for each month.

So here we go:

1. The discharge is on a whole new other level!!! 🙈 Be prepared to run through panty liners, sanitary towels or even disposal maternity underwear! I sent a picture of me wearing one of those HUGE granny looking disposable Underwear panties to my mother last night and she told my to burry them! Lol! They’re not attractive but they get the job done lol!
2. Morning sickness is not just for the morning! I had it really bad in this department! It was horrible and it came at all times of the day! I tried sickness bands… Anti sickness tablets (Until I dreamt that God said I shouldn’t take them) and Mr B had to cart me off to the Out of Hours clinic to see the doctor for any form of a remedy… And on top of it all… It’s embarrassing because you never quite know when what you’ve eaten is just going to all come back up. And even if you haven’t eaten anything, it still comes up and that one hurts because it’s like your insides are trying to come out! Also… Everyone kept saying after the first three months it will all stop! Well not for me! It’s calmed down A LOT now, but as of this past week I still threw up!
3. The fatigue is serious! Most women apparently feel tired during the first three months. That didn’t happen to me. I was already 2 months pregnant when I discovered we were having Baby B and didn’t really feel fatigued at all… But within the past few weeks it’s really hit me! I have to have little naps in the day or else I can’t function lol.
4. The pigmentation changes are another interesting one. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started to hear the stories of pregnant women who develop blotchy areas of darkened skin, or dark freckles  commonly called the mask of pregnancy (but officially known as chloasma or melasma gravidarum). In some cases it can cover your whole face or your whole stomach. In my case I have a tiny patch of  it just above my belly button and dark freckles have all popped up around my breasts and shoulders. It’s strange to look at but I thank God they went to those areas of my body and not my face lol. I haven’t had any stretch marks thank you Jesus! That one was a serious prayer point lol. But either way… I’m happy and grateful to embrace all of the bodily changes and marks that God has blessed me with because it’s all a sign of His awesome miracle of pregnancy working within me. Oh yes! Also… Just in the past three weeks… My bum cheeks have also gone black… As in proper black! Which I guess is yet another one of those pregnancy mysteries. 

5. Speaking of bums… I remember putting on so much “marriage weight” during my second year of marriage and my bum grew so big! Mr B claims it was all his handy work 🙈 But still… With all of that extra marital weight … There was no excuse to let myself get big like that. You can read about it here: Does Marriage Make Your Bum Grow?

Well… In pregnancy… Baby B has taken away my bum! Lol! Because I was so ill due to the morning sickness, I lost SO much weight (not really complaining there lol) but it also meant that my bum has gone flat! In Jesus’ name I will build it up again once Baby B arrives – just the bum… Not the extra marriage weight. I had given up sweets, chocolate, CAKE and junk food on my birthday last year and promised God I wouldn’t eat any of them again until I was pregnant and it was the day of my baby shower. Thank God, He enabled me to stick to it and to start eating more healthily… And I can tell you now… After almost a year of having no cake… When I finally got to taste it at my baby shower… It was like the best feeling in the world!

The beautiful cake made by my even more beautiful cousin. Check out her wonderful cake creations on instagram @cakesbydayja 🍰

6. The ultimate joy you feel in telling your family and loved ones the good news is awesome! In my case, God had told me the year before, the exact date to take the pregnancy test. So on the morning of the date that God said, when I took it and showed Mr B… It was the most beautiful experience of my life (along with giving my life to Christ and giving my heart to Mr B on our wedding day).

Telling our parents, family and friends and our pastors was such a wonderful experience. One of my best friends made our baby announcement even more wonderful, using her creative “Gift Eggs.”

You can check out more of her creations on instagram @oviyah

7. Writing a pregnancy journal is such a joy to do. You get to write down your thoughts and prayers each week. It’s an opportunity to speak and pray over your baby and to document all of these thoughts, feelings and prayers… And trust me: I have a lot of thoughts, feelings and prayers for this child of Promise. It has helped create an even stronger bond with a child that so far I have only seen in my dreams. 

8. Seeing your baby moving around on the ultrasound screen and feeling your baby moving inside your womb is an indescribable feeling. Some people attempt to do this by saying it feels like gas bubbles or a slight rumbling. But to be honest… It’s indescribable. For me… To feel Baby B kicking or stretching or when he has hiccups… Only reminds me of the greatness of the God that we serve. He’s so awesome and powerful to create life in such a way and it’s a true honour for me to feel such joy and to share that with Mr B whenever he feels my stomach and Baby B gives him a little jiggle to say hello lol! 
9. Finally… The prayers we’ve been saying over Baby B are one of the most special moments of my pregnancy. Every morning, I annoint my womb with annonting oil and Mr B prays over my stomach out loud into his life so that he will know his father’s voice as well as the Word of God. 
Our chosen scripture is Deuteronomy 28:1-14 which speaks of being obedient to the Lord our God. That is our prayer for Baby B… To grow up in the way of the Lord and to be obedient to His ways – despite what his peers or the world around him may think. The best part of this prayer time is seeing how Baby B reacts to hearing Mr B’s voice. Without fail, whenever Mr B prays over him, I feel him moving in response to his father’s voice. Even when Mr B recently traveled, he recorded the payer as a voice note for me to play to Baby B whilst he was away -and upon hearing his Papa’s voice via the voice note, he would move in response. Thank you Jesus.

So those are my nine most memorable experiences of pregnancy. 
All in all… I just give glory to God because He’s the ONLY one who made this pregnancy happen just as He said He would… Despite all of my worrying and tears. He’s truly an awesome God who decrees a thing and does not go back on His promises.

For anyone out there trusting God for the fruit of the womb… Hold on to Him and on to His Word and don’t forget to check in with Kemi at for lots of inspiration along the way. 
For those coming to Prayer and Share next week, I can’t wait to see you and catch up. Come with your food dishes (or dessert dishes) and your prayer points. Remember… There’s NOTHING too hard for our God! 

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B 💕

10 thoughts on “Nine Months Today!!! Thank You Jesus! 

  1. Ronke says:

    Such an interesting read. We are looking forward to welcoming Prince B! Maybe he will come on his uncle’s birthday, lol!


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