El Simchath Gili: God The Source of My Joy

🎀Jesus, you’re the centre of my joy… All that’s good and perfect comes from you. You’re the heart of my contentment, hope for all I do – Jesus, you’re the centre of my joy 🎀
Lord, show us your wonders. Delight us with that which delights you. We know that if we witness the things that make your heart glad, ours will become glad as well. Give us the pleasure of knowing you intimately because in you we will find our joy and our delight. 
Help us also to bring joy to other people that we come into contact with. Give us a sweet spirit that radiates your love and pleasure to those around us. Help us say kind and encouraging words and to always think on things that are pure. As we do that, we will reflect you all the more!

 In Jesus’ name, amen.
Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B πŸ’•



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