Jehovah: Our Master and Relational God


Happy Sunday…
Lord today we just want to thank and appreciate you for who you are. For being Jehovah all by yourself.
Jehovah thank you that you desire to be close to us. Thank you that you are not just a God who is high and lifted up but you are also a God who communes with the lowly and with those who are not of a high stature. 
Thank you for the goodness and depth of your heart which pours out love time and again in our lives, for the grace of your patience which continues to show love even in the face of our many doubts and worries and sometimes even our disbelief.
We often walk in the midst of the beauty of your creation without giving you the praise and credit that is due you so please accept our hearts of gratitude right now for all that you have made, and for your desire to know us and to bless us fully and to have us know you as well. 

In Jesus’ name, amen.
Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B ūüíē


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