Elohim: The Devine Creator God


Thank you Jesus for your love. We declare your majesty this morning. We thank you for being Elohim, God the divine creator. All that we see has been created by you and that means your splendour and power is all around us.

Help us to remember just how powerful you are, especially during this time. With all that we are about to embark on in our lives, Lord show yourself mighty. We thank you for giving the mind of man the creative insight to do great things. We ask that you help us to be creative and to think outside the box to do new and great things to better ourselves, our situations and to help others, to be a blessing to your kingdom – and we proclaim that on top of this, your Devine power seals everything and makes this happen with nothing breached, nothing cut short, no miscarriage of our creative ideas, visions and dreams… But that our successes shall be fruitful, developed full term with safe and secure delivery in Jesus’ name. 

Lord we continue to bless you and praise you even in advance for the everlasting joy that you bring and for the celebrations that are yet to come in our lives.

In Jesus’ name, let your ministering angels act on our behalf and fight away every whisper, cry or shout from the enemy. Block all of his attempts to sabotage your work in our lives – for you are mighty and have called us to overcome in Jesus’ name, we thank you Lord, Amen

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B 💕 


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