Elohim Ozer: God of supplicationĀ 


Lord we thank you for your protection and for not putting us to shame. As we are approaching the fifth month of the year, we need you to show up for us in mighty ways. 

Do not let the enemy sneer over us or feel he can rejoice over us in our time of waiting on you Lord. 

You are Elohim Ozer, the God of supplication and we come before you and humbly request that you answer our prayers. Your word says seek and you shall find… Knock and the door will be opened on to you… Lord we are knocking on your door – for we want to put our complete trust and faith in you and in you alone and no one else.

We ask for your help to keep our eyes fixed on the life you have destined for us to live out.

It shall not be cut short by any means in Jesus’ name. Every plan of the enemy is destroyed and sent to the out of hell, never to rise again.

Our destinies and that of our children, family, friends and loved ones shall not be cut short in Jesus’ name.

We will accomplish all that you have promised us and this year shall see manifestations of your greatness in our lives. Help us to hold on to the songs of our testimonies which we will sing in rejoicing to this year. In Kesus’ name we thank you Lord,

Amen x

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B šŸ’•

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