Bonjour lovelies,
Happy new week!

I believe it’s so important for women to come together in prayer and to share with one another what’s on our hearts… We have so much to learn from each other which can help us through shared experiences and through giving and taking advice. 
God has laid it on my heart to open up my home as platform for us to do this together … For those in the UK anyway lol. 

Maybe those outside the UK can Skype in too so you don’t miss out. 

And it’s not just about marriage or relationships. Whatever is on your heart, let’s share it and pray over it together.
There are only 20 spaces (because my living room’s not that big lol – but God will provide! Amen!)

If you’d like to be part of it, simply register at
I’m definitely going to see if we can do a Skype call in session also for anyone abroad who would like to be part of it too.
Faith, Hope and Love, 

Mrs B 💕

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