Elohenu Olam: Everlasting God


Thank you Jesus for this new week. It’s a new week for us but you already saw this week from before time began for you are Elohenu Olam, the everlasting God! You are Alpha and Omega and we give you all the glory Lord for you know and care about everything that concerns us – even before we knew it would happen.
How AWESOME are you God! We can’t even comprehend just how majestic you are. You are He who WAS and IS and is TO COME. You are the BEGINNING and THE END. You are HOLY! 
Everything we are facing in life… The things we think are delays… The things we think are struggles… The things we think we don’t know how we’re going to get through… The things we’re still believing in you for… All of it Lord – you know about it and have ALWAYS known about it.
Provide us with more faith and more patience and more strength to overcome every period of waiting. Provide us with the right attitude to follow your instructions so we won’t miss our way. Provide us with all we need to hold on to your faithfulness and to trust in all you said you will do.
Lord when I was crying my eyes out to you for a child you told me the exact date that the pregnancy test would show positive with the child that you had promised me. I didn’t know at that time that that date was to fall exactly a whole year after the day you had told me … But you are the everlasting God! In all of my worrying and frustration you were just looking on thinking: “will you just trust me… I have said it and it will come to pass” …And surely in your infinite wisdom Lord… A year later on that very same date you said… It came to pass! 
God I just praise you. For being everlasting and faithful! What seems like an eternity for us is just a breath of a second to you. Thank you for your love! Do the same and more for all those who are trusting in you for the fruit of the womb or for a husband or job or whatever it is that they may be trusting in you for.
In your precious, Holy, EVERLASTING name we pray,

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B ๐Ÿ’•


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