Elohei Ma’uzzi: God of our strength …


Thank you Jesus for being with us throughout this week. Thank you for being Elohei Ma’uzzi in our lives, God of our strength. We know that all out victories are not by our power but by your grace and your spirit. 
All that were trusting in you for, we can’t achieve it in our own strength but you are our strength. You are our strong fortress. In you we find all that we need. In you is power, might and force and we praise you for your mighty hand that upholds us when we feel weak or when we feel overwhelmed or inadequate or like it’s too hard for us to wait on you and we feel like giving up. 
We lift up your name to give you honor because you are the strongest of all in existence and we know that despite what circumstances around us may say, our ultimate trust is in you and in the fact that you are God of our strength, mighty and powerful and awesome is your name! 
Your creation testifies to your power. The mountains rise to proclaim your strong arm. The ocean’s depth reveals your force. The moon keeps its place because of your great strength. The sun flames as a result of your own creative beauty.

You are to be held in the highest of esteem and we praise you Elohei Ma’uzzi. 

In Jesus’ name, amen.

 Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B 💕

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