Elohim Chayim



Lord we thank you for being Elohim Chayim – the Living God. You are not a dead God and you’re surely alive and active in all of the lives of those who call upon you. When we long to have an experience of you… Of your presence… You show up for us each and every time. 
Thank you for the awesome privilege of knowing that you are alive and that you are real! That you rose from the dead to give us life! To give us a new hope! To give us peace and Heaven here on Earth! To give us that opportunity to come before you and worship a living God, not a God made of stone or wood.
That’s why when we come to you in worship and in prayer Oh God we trust that you can hear us. You know the desires of our hearts and the promises you have made to us. Lord – please we ask of you to bring these things to fruition in your infinite power, mercy and grace in Jesus’ name. 
We thank you because you care about what we go through and what happens in our lives. Your favour extends far beyond the normalcy of life but reaches deep into the depths of our souls and all that we yearn for. You drove out the Canaanites and other nations on the behalf of your people Israel so that they could take over and recover all. – That’s because you are still a living God and the same God who worked on behalf of His people then can and will do the same for us today. We declare that every Canaanite in our lives that is standing in our way, Lord that you will dismantle it in the mighty name of Christ, our living God!
Father, you are the LIVING WORD and we bless you and thank you for now and forever more. Thank you Elohim Chayim, our living God!
In Jesus’ name, Amen 
 Faith, Hope and Love,
Mrs B πŸ’•


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